What ID do I need?

CURRENT Australian driver’s licence, WA Proof of Age card or valid Passports are the ONLY accepted forms of ID. 
“I was drugged and taken advantage of by my one night stand, it was amazing but my wallet got stolen... I have an old expired ID, can't I just use that?” – bring a copy of your police report.
“I just ordered new ID but it’s not here yet so I have an old expired ID” – bring the receipt from the Licensing centre.
“I’m not from Australia” – bring your passport, ask a manager kindly to store your passport in our safe if you’re really not comfortable keeping it on you.
“I’m 103 years old, do I seriously need ID?” -  Yes you do you geriatric party animal. ID is not only used to determine your age, it is important all people in our venue have something to identify themselves in case of any emergencies. If you look under 25, we will ID you, take it as a compliment.

What is your dress code?

We do not allow rubber soled thongs after 6pm, with the exception of The Get Down on Sundays, subject to special live music events.

Neat casual dress to be worn at all times. Yes, you can wear skate shoes shorts and singlets, but don't blame us when you don't pick up.

Steel capped boots or construction wear is not permitted after 6pm every day.

Jackets, or any other cothing or accessory, bearing patches or insignia of any Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs are not permitted to be worn on the premises at any time.

Can children come to the venue?

Children are allowed in the venue until 8pm each night. They must be accompanied and supervised at all times by their parents. This means no big brothers/sisters/cousins.

My favourite band in the world is playing and I’m 17 and 11 months, pretty please can I come if I bring my super nerdy and responsible big brother?

Nope. Sorry. 

Can I bring my professional camera?

Please contact the venue on 08 9328 7062, we decide this on a case by case basis.

Where do I get tickets?

Head over to EVENTS and click on the gig you want to see, details will be there.

Will there be tickets on the door?

If a gig has presale tickets, there will only be door sales if it doesn’t sell out beforehand. If there are no presales then door sales are your only option! Doors open and tickets generally go on sale at 8pm. Not always though! Check the EVENTS page for details.

Are you open public holidays?

We are open every public holiday except Good Friday and Christmas Day. 

It’s a public holiday, Is my favourite Rosie night of the week still happening?

Monday’s Bada Bingo, Tuesday’s Quizmeisters Quiz, Sunday Sessions and Open Mic nights are all subject to the whims of the Australian Government and their public holidays, please call and check if it’s unclear.

Where can I provide feedback?

We appreciate your feedback, please email it to manager@rosemounthotel.com.au

Does it cost to get into the beer garden?

9 times out of 10, entry to the beer garden is free. Occasionally for really big events there is a cover charge. 

How do I get a job at The Rosemount Hotel?

If you’ve had bar or glassy experience and are available weekends, then send your resume to laura@rosemounthotel.com.au 

I lost my phone/wallet/jacket/camera/dignity last night, help!

That was silly wasn’t it? Call the venue on 08 9328 7062 and ask for the manager. Leave your name and number in case it mysteriously pops up.

How can I get my band to play at The Rosemount Hotel?

Get in touch with the Rosemount's venue booker Luke Rinaldi via email at luke@sweetmate.com.au. Please provide details on the event you wish to put on at the venue, with as much details as possible regarding proposed liuneup and what promotion you'll be undertaking to make the show a success ( Include your style, any MySpace or Facebook pages, songs if you have any recorded, any past gigs, tours, experience etc). If Luke can't help you at the Rosemount, he'll do his darndest to suggest other alternatives around Perth. In your email please include as much information about yourselves as possible.  

I’m a promoter and want to put a gig on.

Same as above, please send an email to Luke Rinaldi at luke@sweetmate.com.au

What time is the kitchen open?

The kitchen opens every day from midday for lunch and 5:30pm for dinner.

I have food allergies, is there something on the menu for me?

Please call beforehand or check with staff before you order. Be specific with your allergy.

I’m having a 21st/30th/going away/engagement/barmitzvah/divorce party, can you help?

Our Function Coordinator is currently sitting at their desk staring at the phone waiting for your call.  Make their day and plan your next function with us. Check out the FUNCTIONS page first for more details. Please note that we don’t book 18th Birthday parties.

Seriously, I am the next Steven Spielberg, you just wait. Anyway, I want to film part of my blockbuster at The Rosemount Hotel. You dig?

Yeah we dig, we’re all for the arts and that, as long as you invite us to premiere and celebrity schmoozing parties. Please send an email to events@rosemounthotel.com.au and outline what your plan is and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.

Can I bring my dog to The Rosie?

Yes you certainly can, there are a few conditions 
o They must be on a lead
o You are responsible for their mess
o They needed to be tucked up in their kennels by 6pm
o They must not be intoxicated on the premises