Also featuring Shackles + Suffer + The Diana's + Agitated

Four5Nine Bar & Lounge
Friday 22 June 2012 - Doors @ 8:00 PM

Tickets $10 @ the Door


Catch Negative Reinforcement LIVE at the Four5Nine Bar located within the Rosemount Hotel, also featuring Shackles, Suffer, The Diana's and Agitated.

Review: Negative Reinforcement, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, "New York United Tour", Perth 11 May 2012.

Although Perth’s Negative Reinforcement acted as if they had better places to be, their vocalist opening the set by coughing into the microphone and telling the audience to kiss his “lizard”, it was clear that they were honoured to be opening for such iconic acts. The ambient noise that replaced crowd interaction, whilst appropriate to their music, rendered their performance somewhat inadequate in setting the scene for the two main attractions.

This became apparent when New York hardcore legends Agnostic Front hit the stage and wasted no time in getting involved with the punters up front. Fans were fuelled by the band’s energy, who in turn was feeding off the crowd’s. As things heated up, frontman Roger Miret urged eager fans to join them on stage during songs, which in theory was a great idea but it wasn’t until it came time for them to vacate the stage that the diluted crowd capacity up front wasn’t a stage diving problem zone. For a band whose members are almost in their 50s, Agnostic Front pull off an impressive live show, putting the energy of so many others to shame. This was the last show of what had been an eventful tour for the band – Miret saving a child from being hit by a car in Victoria a couple of days earlier – and they showed no signs of wear and tear.

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