Quizmeisters Trivia Night

Rosemount Main Stage
Tuesday 9 July 2013 - Doors @ 8:00 PM

It's FREE to play! Bookings Essential - call 9328 7062 to reserve your table.


Are your Tuesdays tiresome? Quiz Meisters can turn that around (and rescue you from dodgy alliteration!) We are in the business of getting people to have fun on weeknights by blending absurd segments, hilarious challenges and mind-bending questions in a social setting under the guise of pub trivia. Yes, it's pub trivia, but Quiz Meisters extends beyond the usual gaff with every aspect twisted, stretched and beautified. Even our answer sheets are pretty! They have little people on them!

Then there is the ham. A parma is not a parma without the ham, and the same applies with Quiz Meisters. Without the ham it's just normal pub trivia. It's schnitzel! And nobody has schnitzel on the menu - you can get that in the freezer section at your local supermarket. Our hosts are upbeat, our DVD questions are offbeat and our music keeps punters bopping in their seat, creating a culture that you just cannot resist. You'll want to tell all of your friends and bring them back week after week. Forget netball. You just found your weekly catch-up with mates.

But don't just take our word for it, come down and check out a show for yourself.

For weekly insights visit the OFFICIAL Quizmeisters Trivia Facebook Page

PLUS we have dinner sorted with $12 Pastas!