BAT COUNTRY (album launch)

+ Injured Ninja + The Autumn Isles + Modular Man

Rosemount Main Stage
Saturday 15 May 2010 - Doors @ 8:00 PM

Tickets $10 at the door ($15 with the album)

BAT COUNTRY (album launch)

From the depths of Perth’s musical machine, Bat Country first happened upon the stage in 2005. A handful of musicians, surprised and intrigued to share a bizarre love of the same obscure sounds, formed with a thirst to create…something. Each member’s musical education in various punk, rock, tribal and experimental projects have melted together, forming a sound that does not sit comfortably within any genre, but happily draws inspiration from many.
Fast forward to 2010. A line-up change or two, coupled with the natural evolution of the band’s instrumentation, Bat Country’s busy work ethic has culminated in the release of their debut album, Miguel & The Milkworm. Recorded live in the studio, the record is the trio’s attempt to organically capture the energy and chemistry of the band’s live show – set amongst the backdrop of the fictitious exploits of a being named Miguel, and his quest to catch, and harvest milk from the elusive Milkworm. Miguel & The Milkworm is a soundtrack to a world open to interpretation. Each track has a tendency to genre-hop, telling its individual story through instrumental grooves. Jazzy drums, peppered with harder sections and sprinklings of percussion wizardry combine with aggressive, effects-driven slap-bass. The guitar, the final component of this three-way aural narration, reeks of power blues and whisky and drifts between a desire to whisper, sing or shriek.
Bat Country is, at heart, a live band. Miguel & The Milkworm emphasises the band’s creative stage sprit and subconscious mutual connection.
Bat Country launch the album tonight with support from Injured Ninja, The Autumn Isles and Modular Man.